Living machine

Cool local bar.

access_time Closed, Opens 6:00 PM

All Hours
fastfood Food??
credit_card Card??
wifi WiFi??
wc Yes

Bean Brief

Cool bar and great prices. Really popular with the local crowd.


Email us some photos of this fine place and you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling in return.



Song feel good.

Google Review SOOTH STUDIO

Good food and good service ! Best for music lover and good for foreigner also because they opens international musics that you can singing every song !

Google Review Phicha Tubb

Great place to grab a few inexpensive drink with your friends. They play great American music as well and always have the latest movies playing on TV.

Google Review Jake Smith

Song feel good.

Google Review SOOTH STUDIO

Good music. Good price for beers. May be unappealing to tourists. I had a great time.

Google Review Chad R

I think here is one best place in chiang mai

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