Fang Coffee, Top Chotana Branch กาแฟฝางสาขาท๊อปโชตนา

access_time Closed, Opens 8:00 AM

All Hours
wifi 206 Mbps
power 5 Plugs
local_cafe ฿ 55
wc Toilet??

Bean Brief

The WiFi here is super fast!

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Good coffee. Can sit outside and smoke.

Google Review Joe King

I have had a lot of lattes and cappuccinos since visiting Southeast Asia and I will have to say it is a hit or miss situation . I grew up in the states with Italian roots and consider myself fluent in the language of quality coffee. A lot of the baristas do not seem to know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. The lovely lady making my coffee today hit the nail on the head ! She got a perfect steam to milk ratio for a cappuccino as it is supposed to be less moisture than a latte . And she did so without scalding the milk . Clearly not an easily achievable task to some baristas . I could take a nice drink from it right away without it scalding my mouth ! Cheers Fang Coffee!

Google Review Lyndle Eskridge

Nice coffee, comfy chairs, some power sockets. Relatively quiet space to work considering its location at the entrance to Tops supermarket. Not much of a food selection, best to bring something from the bakery.

Google Review Heather White

Good coffee. Can sit outside and smoke.

Google Review Joe King

A small, comfortable coffee shop in the same building as Tops supermarket with a good selection of drinks. Nice place to relax before or after shopping.

Google Review Corona Sanchez

Besy coffee fast wifi

Google Review Jack Frostcm