Barefoot Cafe

Specialises in hand made Italian food.

access_time Open until 8:00 PM

All Hours
fastfood ฿ 150
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Bean Brief

This restaurant specializes in making handmade Italian food. It’s easy to miss so make sure you head down the dirt road where the penguin cafe is. Really cool atmosphere as you get to sit around the chefs kitchen table and watch her make the pizzas and roll the dough to make the pasta. There’s seating upstairs for larger groups but I recommended sitting at the chef’s table for a more complete dining experience. They have a range of delicious desserts I need to come back and try the brownie it looked amazing. The portions I found were quite small although delicious but since I’m of Italian background I’m using to eating huge portions that my Nonna would cook up. Everything looks good I don’t think you can go wrong with ordering. I tried the pasta bacon with sun-dried chili which was nice and spicy!



You can smell, see and feel the pasta, pizza and salad made from scratch Infront of you if you sit at the bar. Wonderful experience.

Google Review gear war

***** Masterpeach Star ***** This Indy open kitchen restaurant is very cool. You can enjoy watching them cooking in front of you. The ingredients here mainly come from local and have the interesting story behind such as the feel good duck egg, organic cheese, and so on. Let's start with the French fried with ketchup and mayo dip. I like the texture crispy outside and smooth inside. The mayo dip is very rich so you can't stop until the plate is empty. I love the pasta here a lot. This menu is gonna take time because they have to make the fresh pasta from the beginning. I would recommend the fettuccine pasta bacon sun-dried chili. The pizza here is also good. It's a crispy pizza with a concentrated tomato sauce. Warning, you may have to check if they are available before.

Google Review MasterPeach Brand

Loved their food. I ordered Special Pizza which is a fusion of Thai and Italian. It's tasty and full of flavours. They made everything fresh. For the pizza, a chef laid the dough on the table, rolled it out,and put it into the oven. For the pasta, the chef made it fresh as well. He rolled the dough out after that he used a pasta machine to make fettuccine. You got to see the whole process of your dishes. That's very nice. B R A V O! guys you made my day.

Google Review Ratthakon Thongluang

Prices are high for what this place is I know you get fresh homemade pasta and get to watch them do it if you’re in the small seating downstairs. But I find this out-of-the-way is overrated polite friendly service OK to good food. Too expensive for the broken down Dining room

Google Review david williams

You can smell, see and feel the pasta, pizza and salad made from scratch Infront of you if you sit at the bar. Wonderful experience.

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Barefoot offers super freshly home-made pasta and pizza. The ingrediants used are seasonally varied. And, above all, the mesmerising experience you will gain (if sit at the bar) from watching the friendly chefs "crafting" your meals. A must-go, period.

Google Review Pasoot Lasuka