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Here are the most active users in Berlin.

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# Name Places Visited
1Andrew Schultz0

Latte Index

Visit the places with the cheapest coffee in Berlin!

# Name Price
1Westberlin2.3 EUR
2Milch & Zucker2.6 EUR
3Betahaus2.8 EUR
4Shakespeare and Sons2.9 EUR
5The Digital Eatery2.9 EUR

Fastest WiFi

I feel the need, the need, for download speed! Berlin's fastest locations.

# Name
1Hallesches Haus142.6525.06
2Bonanza Coffee Roasters69.215.96
3Milch & Zucker45.421.21
4Café bRICK455.59
5Michelberger Hotel44.0626.21

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