Elephant Walk Cafe

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Need a revamp and a liquor licence. Nothing has changed in a decade. Basic and boring. Deserts are fine. Nothing that wows me.

Google Review Alb R

I like the idea of the elephant walk. I wanted cute, partitioned cubicles, with comfy couches and kitschy lamps. Nice, luscious desserts. Delicious drinks. I got one of those things: the elephant walk is cute. It may be outdated but it is pretty comfortable. The ambience is kind of sexy, but also a little forced. Overall, its a nice change from a regular Cafe. Unfortunately, the food and drinks are simply average. For $20 we got a fruit platter with melted chocolate for dipping. The waiter said it would easily feed 3-4 people. That was fine, as we are generally food pigs, and was happy to scoff ourselves. Unfortunately, after hearing a series of microwaves popping off, we got our fruit platter, which was probably enough for 1 person. There was cut up apple as well, which just seemed weird for dipping into chocolate. I also ordered a hot chocolate, which just tasted weird and burnt. Disappointing, to say the least, for a place that only sells desserts. I want to love the elephant walk, but I just can't. If the owners or managers put some real culinary effort into the desserts, then I may come back.

Google Review Brett B

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this place when we came in. Laid back and the booths are perfect for that little bit of intimacy. The staff were friendly and I couldn't fault the service at all. The fruit tasted great and the chocolate was amazing. I've never been here before and I know that I will be back again. I love little places like this.

Google Review Nathan Godwin

Waited about 40 min for our food after ordering while the restaurant was only half full. We didn't even get the glasses of water or our drinks in that time. My coconut hot chocolate had no chocolate flavour and just tasted like artificial coconut flavouring in a hot cup of water. Our puddings were clearly just microwaved and not very well at that, it was lukewarm at best so I'm not sure how that took 40 min. At least the ice cream was nice.

Google Review James Ward-Miller

Need a revamp and a liquor licence. Nothing has changed in a decade. Basic and boring. Deserts are fine. Nothing that wows me.

Google Review Alb R

Ordered two coffees, enjoying the atmosphere with a friend, all was nice... until we were asked if we wanted anything else. We said “no thank you” and then with an abrupt and relatively loud tone this guy whom I believe to be the owner says “well you can’t stay here all night with a $10 purchase”. Disrespectful. I didn’t even get involved but when he realised I was not impressed he proceeds to ask me what I do for a living, presumably to explain to me about how a business works and how there are costs involved as though I wouldn’t know. I don’t need to be patronised. My friend and I looked at each other with shock and just paid and left. This guy essentially kicked us out of the place. I understand that they need to make money but we’d done nothing wrong, we’d gone out for a coffee and chat and not only where we told to leave but also in a disrespectful manner. Out of respect to his other customers (which is something the establishment clearly doesn’t practice), I decided not to argue the point with him and not make a scene. But I could easily have. Then again why would I want to lower myself to that standard. Very disrespectful, completely unprofessional. Not recommended.

Google Review Elias Kosmidis